Since iOS 8.1.1 is already in beta, SemiRestore needs to be updated for iOS 8 ASAP. However, this means that SemiRestore will need to be tested on every device model available. For this, I need your help.

How can I help?

If you have a PC running Windows XP and higher, Ubuntu 14.04, Linux Mint 17, or Elementary OS Freya and higher and one of the devices that isn't marked as already tested, please download f0recast for Windows (or a Linux equivilant) and send a screenshot of it/terminal output from it with your device plugged in to [email protected] Then, I'll notify you when a build is ready to test. All of this will happen before 8.1's signing windows are closed.
Device IdentifierDevice NameBasic SemiRestore
iPhone4,1iPhone 4SUntested
iPhone5,1iPhone 5 (US & Canada)Yes
iPhone5,2iPhone 5 (Worldwide)Yes
iPhone5,3iPhone 5c (US & Canada)Untested
iPhone5,4iPhone 5c (Worldwide)Untested
iPhone6,1iPhone 5s (US & Canada)Untested
iPhone6,2iPhone 5s (Worldwide)Yes
iPhone7,1iPhone 6+Yes
iPhone7,2iPhone 6Yes
iPod5,1iPod touch 5th GenYes
iPod6,1iPod touch 6th GenWhere did this device go?
iPad2,1iPad 2 (WiFi)Untested
iPad2,2iPad 2 (WiFi + GSM)Untested
iPad2,3iPad 2 (WiFi + CDMA)Untested
iPad2,4iPad 2 (WiFi Rev. A)Untested
iPad3,1iPad 3 (WiFi)Untested
iPad3,2iPad 3 (WiFi + CDMA)Untested
iPad3,3iPad 3 (WiFi + GSM)Untested
iPad2,5iPad mini 1 (WiFi)Yes
iPad2,6iPad mini 1 (GSM)Untested
iPad2,7iPad mini 1 (CDMA)Untested
iPad3,4iPad 4 (WiFi)Untested
iPad3,5iPad 4 (WiFi + GSM)Untested
iPad3,6iPad 4 (WiFi + CDMA)Untested
iPad4,1iPad Air (WiFi)Yes
iPad4,2iPad Air (WiFi + Cellular)Untested
iPad4,4iPad Mini 2 (WiFi)Yes
iPad4,5iPad Mini 2 (WiFi + Cellular)Untested
iPad4,7iPad Mini 3 (WiFi)Untested
iPad4,8iPad Mini 3 (WiFi + GSM)Untested
iPad4,9iPad Mini 3 (WiFi + GSM)Untested
iPad5,3iPad Air 2 (WiFi)Untested
iPad5,4iPad Air 2 (WiFi + Cellular)Untested

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